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The Sanitelle® trademark is the No. 1 brand in Russia in the skin sanitizer market.

Sanitelle® products for individual use

Gels, sprays, foams and wipes for hands, which can be used in any situation: at home, on vacation, in the workplace. These children have all the rights to the life and health of their loved ones.



Sanitelle® products for hospitals

Skin disinfectants for hygienic and surgical treatment of the hands of medical personnel.




Numerous studies have shown that alcohol-based products kill viruses, germs, and bacteria.

Thanks to the packaging format, Sanitelle® products can be used anytime, anywhere. No soap or water is required.

Compared to other antiseptics, alcohol is the safest, fastest and most effective.

Using alcohol-based products saves time. Studies have shown that the use of an antiseptic that takes 15-20 seconds is much more effective than a 1-2 minute thorough handwash with soap and water.

The use of alcohol disinfectants removes the risk of contracting hands through a washbasin, plumbing system and a towel. Means can be used as an addition to ordinary hand washing with soap, as well as an addition to rinsing hands with water without soap.

Unlike other antiseptics, alcohol hand gels DO NOT CAUSE the risk of an “addictive effect.”

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